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Monze Mission Hospital

Established on 28th October 1964, the hospital started as a small Health Centre, and has since developed over the years to a 276 Bed capacity General Hospital. The hospital was founded by the late Bishop James Corboy SJ, who was the Bishop of Monze Diocese.

Monze Mission Hospital has retained its independence and is still under the Catholic Diocese of Monze with the present Bishop as the proprietor. When the hospital was opened, the Bishop of Monze asked the Irish Congregation of the Holy Rosary Sisters to be the Managing Agency of the hospital. These sisters worked in the hospital until 1995. In that year, they handed over the hospital to the local congregation of Sisters - Sisters of the Holy Spirit who are still the Managing Agency (i.e to the present). This congregation of Sisters was also founded by Bishop James Corboy SJ in 1971.

To this day the Sisters are involved in most of the departments of the hospital i.e. Pastoral Care, Administration, Catering, Nursing & HIV/AIDS and at Board level The, hospital contributes about 15% of employment in the District. The hospital also covers a wider catchment area than Monze District. Other districts refer patients to them, because they have a General Hospital status. This has further increased the catchment population to the order of 800,000. Other provinces refer to Monze Mission Hospital for specialised care.

Monze Mission Hospital is recognised as a General Hospital. The Zambia Health structure starts from community level, where Community Health Posts are staffed by Community Health Workers who attend to the patients. At this level mainly First Aid care is given and treatments for minor ailments. The Community Health Worker refers patients to the Health Centres, who then treat basics and refer complications to a District Hospital. Each District ideally must have a District Hospital. The District Hospital can then refer complicated cases to a General Hospital. In Southern Province there are two General Hospitals, Monze and Livingstone.

Monze District has no District Hospital so Monze Mission Hospital provides both District and General Hospital levels of care (referred to as 1st and 2nd level)

The Monze Mission Hospital always welcomes support for its work in Monze District. Both corporate and private supporters are always welcome to contact their administration.

Tel: +260 (0)32 50171/50143
Head of Administration,
Monze Mission Hospital,
P.O. Box 660029

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